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Friday, April 21, 2017

The magic that comes from Meze!

OK so this being a place I have known about and been to at least 5-6 times in the past year or less makes this a staple downtown venue for me. It's my favorite downtown Greek place that's for sure. Consistent service, authentic menu, great value and a super cool vibe inside and out. Great for groups, great for dates, great for solo lunch or dinner stops. Can't really go wrong with this place. That place being none other than Meze Greek Fusion off 6th Ave in the Gaslamp District.

On this visit, I strolled in about 6:45pm on a Tuesday evening to grab some quell my fix for real deal Greek goods. I knew I would find it here and find it I did. See the picture storyline for an up and close look at how things went down.

Meze has been in business for five years this April now and still going strong. It's no surprise that Patrick Davoudi (GM) and his brother Raymond Davoudi whom own and operate the joint are doing so well. When two things are consistently offered each and every time to your customers, good things happen. The two things being, really great food at a great value and top notch customer service. Meze has this in spades in my many experiences including this one. This is in large large part due to the skills of one man working behind the scenes, head chef Aleko Achtipes. The venue itself is very eclectic and modern with nifty lighting, a chill vibe making it an ideal setting for small and large group dining, special occasions or business lunch/dinner events.

Items I highly suggest you try for a real Greek food experience (among many others) are the avgolemono soup, any of the slovakia meat dishes (or get a combo like I did if you can't decide) dolmas(vegan) or dolmathes (sirloin stuffed) and of course when dining Greek you have to grab either some hummus and pita bread or my favorite, baba ghanoush which they do very well here! I must mention any of the lamb dishes as well! All of them are on point!

Patrick even got me to expand my selection by convincing me to try one of their desserts with what little stomach space I had left. I have had traditional baklava many times before and really enjoyed it. I went rogue and opted for a spin on this classic, cheesecake baklava! The pictures make it clear that this did not disappoint at all!

After this experience, there is no question that I have found and experienced another Better Bite of the Greek Fusion kind. And to that I say OPA!!