Thursday, April 27, 2017

Chill'n with the Chilatruck

Chilatruck, Wednesday, April 26th, Las Americas Premium Outlets Lot

Chilaquiles Torta w/ green salsa and chicken
Torta Cubana w/grilled beef


  • Both owners, Brian and Paco are both industrial engineers by trade/training
  • "Paco" Francisco Perez is the life long, well-known celebrity chef of Aqui Es Texcoco who's been featured on numerous major food and chef themed TV shows.
  • They have been running the food truck since late Dec 2016
  • All ingredients from the bread, meat, salsa, chips etc. are made fresh daily or delivered daily.
  • The grilled beef is a mix of NY strip and sirloin marinated with spices and olive oil to lock in the full flavor.
  • The tortas served here are kept identical to the traditional way they are found in Mexico City.
  • They have one of the best green salsa's you will ever find. 
  • Their corn chips used in their chilaquiles plates and tortas are specially made to have an optimal crunch/softness.

THE OWNERS INSIGHTS: (Brian Henderson)

What is it about your menu that makes it so Good? What's the key or secret to making these items so much different than anywhere else?
"We intend to stay with original means of serving our menu just as they always have and continue to do in Mexico City where such items have always been hugely popular. Our traditional methods are what make them so unique and so good. We strive to make a food revolution with the foods we serve to San Diego and eventually everyone."


Monday, April 24, 2017

Kicking it with some Kabobs!

Kabob Village, 3145 Rosecrans St. Point Loma, CA, 330PM, Friday, April 21st

Lamb Kabob Plate
Chicken Kabob Plate
Greek Salad
Tabuli Salad
Avgolomeno Soup


  • Kabobs are the obvious best seller here. Lamb, salmon, chicken, beef, and sirloin options.
  • They have been a family owned business for 10 years.
  • The owner, Rafee Zakir has owned and run 12 prior restaurants in NY and San Diego.
  • Nastrin and Nazir are the two mastermind chefs in the kitchen who whip up all this Medeteranian/Persian cuisine goodness. 
  • They have IMO, some of the best baklava you will find anywhere!


What is it about your menu that makes it so Good? What's the key or secret to making these items so much different than anywhere else?
Paraphrased: "The use of only traditional recipes with traditional cooking methods, spices, and ingredients. We strive to be very consistent with our menu while offering great prices and value to our customers."

Website: Link
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tandoori House: Using spice and tradition for real flavors

Tandoori House, 3146 Midway Dr. Point Loma, CA, 330PM, Thursday, April 20th

Vegetable Samosa
Vegetable Korma
Alu Gobi
Chicken Tika Masala
Chicken Vindaloo
Tandoori Chicken
Cabbage and Cucumber Salads
Onion Naan
Alu Paratha


  • Been in business for 4 years at this location. Had prior location in La Jolla under a different business name, India Palace.
  • Rishi and Bonnie (brother-sister) own and run the store with their father Amarjit
  • They have all the classic Indian dishes such as curry, biryani, korma, jalfrezi, masala, vindaloo and an impressive list of naan/paratha breads. 
  • All entrees can be made vegetarian. All entrees can be made with chicken, beef, shrimp, fish or lamb.

What is it about your menu items that make your food so Good? What's the key or secret to making these it so uniquely delicious?
Paraphrased: "We stick to the most traditional Indian recipes and methods for making our dishes. We do not alter, change or try to get too fancy. What we have works and works well. We also only use the very best of ingredients and source our Indian spices very carefully for our dishes."

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Northside Shack: A better bite and better for you!

You will notice this blog post has a different format and flow to it than those before it. This is the new format I intend to use moving forward to make it easier for me to showcase the experiences I have at these venues and easier on you the food-centric blog reader to get the main points in a quick, clear and accurate way. Please comment on the format and give me feedback on the change. 

Northside Shack, 1255 Rosecrans St. Point Loma, CA, 330PM, Wednesday, April 19th

Small sized 50/50 acai bowl


  • The bowls are always super fresh, packed with flavor and of course......really good for you as well. It's a small sized shop but it's a true grab n' go type of place. Couple tables outside to dine and dash if need be but if you're like me this is usually a pit-stop meal type deal and I like it that way. In, out, quick!
  • They make ~600 bowls a week on the average. 
  • Acai is the #1 seller they have and I can see's just plain really good!
  • Pam the owner, a former paralegal, is at the helm of this Point Loma mainstay where she keeps the staff churning out some of the best and biggest bowls, blends and bites that one can get at a great value.


What is it that drives you to do what you do at Northside shack?
"Passion. Passion and Passion. I love food, fruit, and veggies in particular.  I love being able to create that look on people's faces. The feeling of accomplishment.  My OCD lol."

How long have you been there and what is it that makes your place unique?
"Three years May 15th.  I do things completely different from anyone else.  I believe there are no rules in food. We shop, hand select and prepare our fruit and veggies daily.  I never buy what we won't use in a few days.  I am very precise about how the fruit is cut (texture) and what it looks like.  I am a fanatic about flavor.  It must taste good. I don't buy 'the customer is always right' hype.  I aim to please and take lots of pride in what I do.  I hire like-minded people. We like what we do.  We don't want to ever feel like we owe anyone anything, we want to do what we do.  In turn, people appreciate it and our product. 

What is it about your acai bowls that make them so Good? What's the key or secret to making these things so good?
Passion. Perfection.  Patience. 

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maki Maki Sushi: Its how I "roll"

Most of you know by now I am a HUGE sushi fan! More so a San Diego/SoCal sushi fan. With joints placed on every corner in town (hello PB) it can be a challenge to pick the best place that really offers something different, above average, unique and consistent each and every time you come in. Now I like anyone have my go-to places which most the time are a small pool of three AYCE style joints which live up to the above requirements.....fresh, unique, above average quality, great service, good value, and consistency. I've been known to hammer down some serious sushi at those places......I dont mess around when it comes to my sushi! But when the need for 6+ sushi rolls is not what I crave but rather a more "normal" sushi style lunch/dinner, I have my few go-to places as well. And once again I am lucky enough to have a few of those right here in Point Loma. On this particular lunch visit, I bring you into Maki Maki Sushi . You can also find them on Instagram @MakiSushiSD and on Facebook.

This is a smaller joint in the corner strip mall of Midway and Rosecrans easy to miss if your not looking for it. Smack next to Rubios on the corner of Midway going towards the 5.

Maki Maki Sushi is a family owned and ran business. Vi is the head sushi chef, born in Vietnam but moved to Japan where her 3 daughters were born and raised. These 3 daughters now also help run the business. Maki is one of her daughters names fittingly so. This family has now been managing the business for 4 solid months and it seems to be doing well. Its got a good lunch crowd and a busy weekend crowd as well. (prior to Jan 1, this location was a sushi joint before as well but different name and owners). But even when busy I have never seen the speed of service suffer which I like about Maki Maki Sushi. Consistency!

With lunch combo deals, rolls of the day, combo specials and a daily happy hour, you can score a solid bargain here almost any time of day and day of the week. With 19 specialty rolls, 2 baked rolls, 3 deep fried rolls and 16 basic/traditional rolls to pick from.....there is something for everyone's sushi preferences. My picks from this visit are the rainbow roll (my fav), the protein roll and the ceviche roll. I also get 1-2 bowls of miso every time I have sushi and these guys do it better than most I have found. The reason being is that they use bonito broth adding a true Japanese flavor to it. The ceviche roll was new for me on this visit and I really liked it! I suggest trying this one for something really unique. See the slideshow of pictures to feast your eyes and see for yourself.

SO the next time you in the Point Loma area and need to find a solid lunch or dinner deal solo or with a small group, roll on into Maki Maki Sushi to find yourself A Better Bite!

Friday, April 21, 2017

The magic that comes from Meze!

OK so this being a place I have known about and been to at least 5-6 times in the past year or less makes this a staple downtown venue for me. It's my favorite downtown Greek place that's for sure. Consistent service, authentic menu, great value and a super cool vibe inside and out. Great for groups, great for dates, great for solo lunch or dinner stops. Can't really go wrong with this place. That place being none other than Meze Greek Fusion off 6th Ave in the Gaslamp District.

On this visit, I strolled in about 6:45pm on a Tuesday evening to grab some quell my fix for real deal Greek goods. I knew I would find it here and find it I did. See the picture storyline for an up and close look at how things went down.

Meze has been in business for five years this April now and still going strong. It's no surprise that Patrick Davoudi (GM) and his brother Raymond Davoudi whom own and operate the joint are doing so well. When two things are consistently offered each and every time to your customers, good things happen. The two things being, really great food at a great value and top notch customer service. Meze has this in spades in my many experiences including this one. This is in large large part due to the skills of one man working behind the scenes, head chef Aleko Achtipes. The venue itself is very eclectic and modern with nifty lighting, a chill vibe making it an ideal setting for small and large group dining, special occasions or business lunch/dinner events.

Items I highly suggest you try for a real Greek food experience (among many others) are the avgolemono soup, any of the slovakia meat dishes (or get a combo like I did if you can't decide) dolmas(vegan) or dolmathes (sirloin stuffed) and of course when dining Greek you have to grab either some hummus and pita bread or my favorite, baba ghanoush which they do very well here! I must mention any of the lamb dishes as well! All of them are on point!

Patrick even got me to expand my selection by convincing me to try one of their desserts with what little stomach space I had left. I have had traditional baklava many times before and really enjoyed it. I went rogue and opted for a spin on this classic, cheesecake baklava! The pictures make it clear that this did not disappoint at all!

After this experience, there is no question that I have found and experienced another Better Bite of the Greek Fusion kind. And to that I say OPA!!

Miguels Cocina offers so much more.

Taking stake of what I have right here in my corner of the woods here in Point Loma made me realize there are some really great, unique and diverse options to pick from when it comes to finding A Better Bite in San Diego. All major cuisines are present, long standing establishments, new kids of the block, grab n' go, fine dining, casual name it, Point Loma has it. One such place I have been to a number of times at their other store locations as well as this one is Miguels Cocina off Shelter Island drive just a block south of Rosecrans.

I invite you to take a look around at the experience I had on this particular Tuesday afternoon visit. Drooling is acceptable.

Slideshow of pictures

Miguels has been in business at this location since 2004. The Miguel's first store being in Coronado in 1984 (what a great year!), which remains there to this day. The Point Loma store used to be the Brigantine prior to its transition to what it is now. The venue has become truly responsive to the neighborhood/SD area and because of this, really has allowed itself to become woven into the fabric of Point Loma, beyond just the food and drinks. Customers like me and many others have gotten to know the staff and the people behind the operation. The owners/managers have customers with kids who play on the same sports teams, go to school together etc. The family owned restaurant is very active in the community and donates to numerous organizations as well. I really like that kind of blended relationship that Miguel's has with the local area.

Veteran staff like Brian, the assistant general manager and Nemisio, the head chef are two such people that are just great people to know not only for their ability to produce and market great Mexican cuisine but also because they just love what they do and care for their customers. Miguel's has a unique trait about it within its staff in that they have many of the same people still working for them today that used to 10-15 or more years back. That kind of tenure in the restaurant biz does not happen often these days. I guess they kinda like it here huh?

OK so the food. If you do not find an item or version of an item you want on the menu all you need to do is ask. They can make anything you want, the way you want it. Brian was clear in explaining to me that they are a "you bet we can" kind of restaurant. They also have a daily rotation of salsa that you just need to ask for and should!. They have about 6 made in-house salsa's to pick from. Also, make note to try one or both of their unique sauces called macha and chile de arbol! These are so good and unlike any other Mexican sauce I have had lately.

My meal consisted of a delicious shrimp cocktail, chips and guacamole, a giant surf n' turf burrito covered in house-made enchilada sauce with a side of refried beans and Mexican rice..., all amazing as it always has been in the past. Oh and PLEASE! Do not miss the mole sauce here! I love mole when its good and hate it like no other when its junk. Lucky for me the stuff they have here is pure $$! Nemisio says it's the cinnamon type they use as well as the unique and rare Mexican chipotle chocolate they use that gives it such a pungent and unique flavor. I could put that on a sock and eat it I swear!

So there you have it folks. Point Loma comes off as a bit of a sleeper neighborhood at times. No reason for that with places like Miguel's Cocina to get your Better Bites in 7 days a week. And with 5 other locations in SoCal you can be sure you're not far from one of their locations. Plus, they do brunch Saturday and Sunday 10-3pm here in Point Loma!