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Monday, April 10, 2017

Pancakes 4 Ways

By now I assume most of you readers I have, are well aware of my love affair with pancakes. If not, you have much catching up to do on this blog as well as my social media as its riddled with shots of pancake glory. This blog adds to that collage of hotcake goodness. Many of you know that I have issue with flour and wheat (NOT BECAUSE OF GLUTEN) but simply because flour in any amount seems to make me sleepy and sluggish for the rest of the day each and every time I consume it. That being the sad truth of it, I need to pick and choose my battles wisely and in most cases, I choose pancakes! It also seems that when I consume flour right after training sessions it has far less impact on me so that has been a strategic reason for these Sunday Funday pancake outings with my boys.

In fact for the past 8-9 Sundays or so almost without fail, myself and my 2 training partners have been doing our Sunday lifting sessions and then finding our favorite hotspot pancake places to crush some carbs. This was my latest pick so read on!

You should also know by now I have my favorite go-to spots pending the kind of pancake I am seeking out. Massive buttermilk hotcakes is all about Brians 24, exotic specialty pancakes like apple pancakes, dutch baby's, german pancakes, 49er pancakes is all about Richard Walkers, but for pure variety of flavored pancakes where you can find 18 kinds of pancakes on the menu......none other than Family House of Pancakes in National City off E. Plaza Blvd. Open 6am-10am you can land some hotcake goodness all day long 7 days  week. They also have a location in Chula Vista open 6am-2pm daily but I have not yet made it into that location.

I came in about 7pm after a solid workout session at 24 hour fitness and found the place pretty mellow, not too busy at all. This was my 4th visit to FHOP this year already just to score some pancake love. With 18 types to offer you can make many visits and never get the same thing twice!

Our selections on this visit can be seen below so feast your eyes on these!

Tropical Pancake with grilled pineapple on top and inside the pancakes plus toasted coconut.

My personal favorite and pick for the night, the sweet potato pancake!

Mellow blueberry pancake

Chocolate chip pancake

Our spread of hotcake goodness!

If you happen to be craving pancakes of the non-traditional kind, this is your spot to hit up for sure! Again, 18 types to pick from each ranging from $8-9 for a stack of 4 pancakes is a solid deal and given how good they all's truly A Better Bite indeed!

This weekly routine of ours is not likely to end anytime soon so if you folks know of other local San Diego pancake hotspots, please comment below and let me know about them so I can feature it here!