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Friday, April 14, 2017

Deli Sandwich Superstar in the Gaslamp

Anyone who follows my blog knows I am a major fan of the deli sandwich. Even if you don't you should know this about me. Huge, uber, big time sandwich fanatic. My favorites being the club, roast beef, turkey or ham sando's every time. I rarely ever turn down the chance to experience a tried and true venue or a new kid on the block if those items are listed on a menu. Tis the case for this debut experience at Larry's Deli on 7th Ave right next to PETCO park in the Gaslmap district of downtown San Diego. Let me show why these guys are a must stop sandwich shop for any Padres ball game goer for pre-game grubs or post-game munchies.

Slideshow of sando goodness at Larry's Deli. View Slideshow

Tim, the manager of the deli is a super cool dude hands down. As a partner in the hospitality group that also owns The Nolen and the Courtyard Marriot, Tim knows a thing or two about running a thriving business. I come here now for the small talk and the laughs as much as the food to be quite honest. Having now been here multiple times for a lunch bite, I can say they have consistent service each and every time. If I lived any closer to downtown this would be my daily lunch stop. With 11 signature sando's to pick from there is something for every taste.  So far, the Turkey club as well as a shot at the classic #1 hot pastrami has been my experience. Neither are a disappointment at all. And how could they? With meats sourced from RC provisions, bread delivered daily from Bread & Cie, produce obtained locally from Speciality Produce....and anything else made right in cant get a bad sando with top notch ingredients like this.....ya just cant! The outcome is a lip smacking good sandwich that makes each bite taste as good as the first bite.

I will note now that their whole grain cornichon spread is a mustard like spread unlike I have ever had before and I love it! Get this on the #9 turkey for sure. The #1 Pastrami is a sure winner for anyone with a love for top notch pastrami on real NY toasted Rye bread and melty gruyere cheese.

The sandos are the true heavy hitters of course, the limelight items, but DO NOT dismiss the other amazing items they have here as well. The house made potato salad and cole slaw should complement every sando experience for the real deal deli experience. Oh and the cookies! They are either made in house (choco chip fans?) or sourced from Bread & Cie. The muffins (plonks as they are called by the makers) are sourced only from Gordy's Bakery in Encinitas. In my humble opinion, the "fruit bomb" version I had may have been the best muffin I ever had, no joke! Their 100% natural as well so all goodness and no guilt! They also make a vanilla spice bread pudding with nothing else than the leftover Bread & Cie from only a day before.

Sips and suds.....they got that too. Beer on tap, can or bottle, craft and domestic. Soft drinks, cold brew nitro coffee from stumptown coffee roasters, wine, juice, water, you name it they got it.

Oh and snack stuff for the game....yep got that too. Chips, nuts, and some amazingly good jerky! Grab a bag or two to snack on during the game.

All in all, this is a really unique place that the Gaslamp greatly benefits from not only for game day goers but for downtown city workers needing a place to land A Better Bite for breakfast or lunch since they are open 7am-3pm daily. Hours will adjust for game days as well I am told. Its fitting they are located next to PETCO park because Tim and his crew, the menu.....nothing but a homerun in my book!