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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maki Maki Sushi: Its how I "roll"

Most of you know by now I am a HUGE sushi fan! More so a San Diego/SoCal sushi fan. With joints placed on every corner in town (hello PB) it can be a challenge to pick the best place that really offers something different, above average, unique and consistent each and every time you come in. Now I like anyone have my go-to places which most the time are a small pool of three AYCE style joints which live up to the above requirements.....fresh, unique, above average quality, great service, good value, and consistency. I've been known to hammer down some serious sushi at those places......I dont mess around when it comes to my sushi! But when the need for 6+ sushi rolls is not what I crave but rather a more "normal" sushi style lunch/dinner, I have my few go-to places as well. And once again I am lucky enough to have a few of those right here in Point Loma. On this particular lunch visit, I bring you into Maki Maki Sushi . You can also find them on Instagram @MakiSushiSD and on Facebook.

This is a smaller joint in the corner strip mall of Midway and Rosecrans easy to miss if your not looking for it. Smack next to Rubios on the corner of Midway going towards the 5.

Maki Maki Sushi is a family owned and ran business. Vi is the head sushi chef, born in Vietnam but moved to Japan where her 3 daughters were born and raised. These 3 daughters now also help run the business. Maki is one of her daughters names fittingly so. This family has now been managing the business for 4 solid months and it seems to be doing well. Its got a good lunch crowd and a busy weekend crowd as well. (prior to Jan 1, this location was a sushi joint before as well but different name and owners). But even when busy I have never seen the speed of service suffer which I like about Maki Maki Sushi. Consistency!

With lunch combo deals, rolls of the day, combo specials and a daily happy hour, you can score a solid bargain here almost any time of day and day of the week. With 19 specialty rolls, 2 baked rolls, 3 deep fried rolls and 16 basic/traditional rolls to pick from.....there is something for everyone's sushi preferences. My picks from this visit are the rainbow roll (my fav), the protein roll and the ceviche roll. I also get 1-2 bowls of miso every time I have sushi and these guys do it better than most I have found. The reason being is that they use bonito broth adding a true Japanese flavor to it. The ceviche roll was new for me on this visit and I really liked it! I suggest trying this one for something really unique. See the slideshow of pictures to feast your eyes and see for yourself.

SO the next time you in the Point Loma area and need to find a solid lunch or dinner deal solo or with a small group, roll on into Maki Maki Sushi to find yourself A Better Bite!