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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Find some Ono Grinds without the plane ticket!

This past Tuesday I was finally able to put my favorite all time Hawaiian joint on my blog here after what has been 7-8 visits in the past 6 months alone, it was due time to make sure you readers became aware of this hidden gem in my neck of the woods here in Point Loma. Mind you they do have two other local store locations as well but I have yet to check those out.

Ever since my two, week long stays in Pearl Harbor via port calls for my job with the Navy, I have been in love with all things Hawaiian food from fine dining, the slow food movement, traditional Luau's, and unique mom and pop joints that have been around for decades. I love all of them!

It took some looking but I have found some solid spots in San Diego in the past 4 years as a resident. Good and authentic are not always the same thing however and this is where Homestyle Hawaiian stands above the others, their doing both very well!

On this visit, I wanted to feature my top menu items I have now had many times before among many other items as well. Musubi, spicy poke, every kind of teriyaki meat they have, you name it, I have tried it. All delicious! But the items I crave most and find myself sitting down to are what follows.

Small place with limited seating but only ever an issue around lunch hour and near closing hour. Other times this space works just fine for hungry San Dieagans seeking real deal Hawiian grub at fantastic prices. During those lunch and dinner times wait times can be 20-25 minutes as a norm so plan ahead, call it in and pick it up hot and ready. Its worth the wait people!

The board of daily specials. Big Braddah is rightfully named as you may need your big braddah to come in and help you finish the meal. Da Beast is the same deal.....only a beast could finish that 3+lb tray off yummy Ono Grinds!

They take great pride in their traditional recipes and menu items. Place is decked out with decor around the inside showing off  the legend of Eddie Aikau.

Can't decide on what to get, not sure what to try? Problem solved. Order this entree item from the specials board. "The Big Braddah" is a generous helping of the heavy hitters for a classic Hawaiian meal. Katsu chicken with an outstanding Lava sauce, a kalbi rib, kalua pulled pork and a side of mac salad and white rice. Bring the appetite as this can feed a bear!

And you cannot close a meal without some dessert right? On those hot sunny San Diego days to close out your meal or just cool off with a sweet (and healthy sorbet dessert alternative) grab a pineapple dole whip as shown here or get it "float style", dropped in a cup of cold OJ.

And then we have the Hawaiian version of the donut hole. Malsadas! A Portuguese confection of yeast bread in an egg sized ball, deep fried and rolled in granulated sugar. Served hot and melt in your mouth awesome!

And then my true #1 favorite Hawaiian inspired entree item....the Loco Moco! As shown here its a basic combo of made in house hamburger patty covered with 2 fried eggs, gravy grilled onions over a bed of white rice. The best part about Homestyle Hawaiian is that you can build your own by choosing the meat type and rice type you want. I find kalua pork is an amazing rendition as well!

Wash it all down with their made in house traditional lemonades! I got pomegranate and loved it!

The people making it happen! Tricia and Gill (husband and wife) and chef/owner couple are the magic behind this operation. They are some of the nicest and most hospitable people I have met in the restaurant biz. They truly care about their customers and enjoy what they do by putting out delicious food in a consistent fashion and amazing prices.

Ono Grinds sums it up perfectly (good food) in Hawaiian, in that your going to get exactly that by coming in here or getting some take out which many folks here do almost daily. I can say with confidence that you will find A Better Bite every time you visit, no boarding pass needed either! Oh and you should all know that they cater for groups big and small alike. Make any gathering a rocking Luau of your own!

A hui hou!