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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Northside Shack: A better bite and better for you!

You will notice this blog post has a different format and flow to it than those before it. This is the new format I intend to use moving forward to make it easier for me to showcase the experiences I have at these venues and easier on you the food-centric blog reader to get the main points in a quick, clear and accurate way. Please comment on the format and give me feedback on the change. 

Northside Shack, 1255 Rosecrans St. Point Loma, CA, 330PM, Wednesday, April 19th

Small sized 50/50 acai bowl


  • The bowls are always super fresh, packed with flavor and of course......really good for you as well. It's a small sized shop but it's a true grab n' go type of place. Couple tables outside to dine and dash if need be but if you're like me this is usually a pit-stop meal type deal and I like it that way. In, out, quick!
  • They make ~600 bowls a week on the average. 
  • Acai is the #1 seller they have and I can see's just plain really good!
  • Pam the owner, a former paralegal, is at the helm of this Point Loma mainstay where she keeps the staff churning out some of the best and biggest bowls, blends and bites that one can get at a great value.


What is it that drives you to do what you do at Northside shack?
"Passion. Passion and Passion. I love food, fruit, and veggies in particular.  I love being able to create that look on people's faces. The feeling of accomplishment.  My OCD lol."

How long have you been there and what is it that makes your place unique?

"Three years May 15th.  I do things completely different from anyone else.  I believe there are no rules in food. We shop, hand select and prepare our fruit and veggies daily.  I never buy what we won't use in a few days.  I am very precise about how the fruit is cut (texture) and what it looks like.  I am a fanatic about flavor.  It must taste good. I don't buy 'the customer is always right' hype.  I aim to please and take lots of pride in what I do.  I hire like-minded people. We like what we do.  We don't want to ever feel like we owe anyone anything, we want to do what we do.  In turn, people appreciate it and our product. 

What is it about your acai bowls that make them so Good? What's the key or secret to making these things so good?
Passion. Perfection.  Patience. 

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