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Friday, June 9, 2017

I made it in at last! Debut (and follow up) to GOBYA

Grand Ole BBQ Y Asado, 3302 32 St. North Park, San Diego, CA

  • 1/2# Tri-Tip (tender as can be with perfect smoke ring)
  • 1/2# Hot Links
  • 1/2# Smoked Turkey (most flavorful and moist turkey I have ever had)
  • Spicy Slaw
  • Peruvian White Beans (get these!)
  • Beef Rib (not pictured as these not offered at lunch time, dinner only)

  • These guys specialize in central Texas style BBQ so keep this in mind when selecting the type of BBQ you're looking for.
  • Been open for 2 years as of October this year and already have taken multiple San Diego and SoCal BBQ awards and voted by the people as one of the top 3 BBQ spots in the county.
  • Andy Harris can and will answer ANY question you may have about BBQ and TX for that matter.
  • The staff working here are BBQ experts and they can help you pick/choose what you want pending your preference.
  • If you're a rookie at this place, please arrive early for dinner as they sell out quick almost every single day.
  • Sunday is the famed Argentine Grill day where they feature additional smoked meats
  • Open Wednesday-Sat 12-sell out and 6pm sell out for lunch and dinner
  • Open Sunday 12 till sell out.

Anything I say here has been said many times before. Almost any SD resident with any kind of BBQ gene in them knows about GOBYA by now (took me their full existence to do so) but even I read, heard and saw the hype. I had actually come in on the Saturday night prior to this Wednesday afternoon pit stop to make my debut visit. Sadly I did not plan well the first night and had a movie RSVP to get to at 730pm so after waiting in line I got my food and dashed to my car and had to eat on the go and never got a single picture! Thus the return visit on a Wednesday afternoon to try and replicate the meal I had and get pictures The only image missing is a shot of the killer smoked beef rib I had the first time which rocked my world! Beef ribs are my favorite BBQ meat hands down so this was my barometer food to test GOBYA on and it passed flying colors. Without having a side by side of each BBQ place I have been to in SD comparing meat cut to meat cut, I cannot say which is best at this time. What I can say for sure is that as far as central TX style BBQ goes, this is at the top of my list for BBQ meats anywhere. I now know first hand that the hype is everything it sounds like. This place is not just a great meal. Its an experience the way Texas BBQ was meant to be experienced. 

The man himself, BBQ legend and wiz king....Andy Harris. 

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