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Saturday, June 3, 2017

All American Grub at the Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe San Diego, 4th Ave, Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. June 2nd


  • Arugula Chicken Salad with spiced pecans, mandarin orange sections and dried cranberries (I held on the crumbled feta) $10
  • Classic Club Sandwich Chicken with BLT, added avocado all on toasted dry sourdough w/ side garden salad $12
  • Shrimp Fajitas with grilled onions and peppers plus added grilled mushrooms $19

  • Been open since July 28th, 1998 
  • Amazing house made hot sauce no one should pass on if you like good heat!
  • Misty is the coolest server ever! Ask for her!
  • Jill is the coolest marketing manager ever!
  • Thye currently have a kick ass "World Burger Tour" special going with 6 featured burgers this month. Burger fans rejoice! 
  • The also have an outstanding menu of drinks, cocktails, and decadent desserts many may not know of but should!
  • No visit is complete without a visit to the memorabilia store! 
  • My 6th store visit in 5 states/cities (NYC, Chicago, KC, Seattle, St. Louis)

As my 6th Hard Rock Cafe visit in the US, it only took me 4 years as a local resident to finally get my rear into the SD location and see for myself how this place matched up. After an amazing Yelp Elite event just weeks prior to this visit, I was sold that I had to come in solo and dine it to see how the place stacked up to the others I had been to. The venue alone is breathtaking and as with all other locations, decked out to the max in all kinds of swag from musical celebs, famous folks, and stars. Every wall is covered with unique pieces of past and present performers. The food is always on point and consistent. The club sandwich has been a go-to item for me at all 6 stores I have been to and its never disappointed me. The shrimp fajitas (my favorite fajita type) was a new shot here and I approve! The salad happens to be something I was just jonesing for and so I got it, liked it, would get it again! Had I been here with a group you can be sure a round (or two) of drinks would have been part of this visit as they have no shortage of options in that domain! Come on down and make your stop! Don't wait 4 years to do so like're only missing out!