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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Expanding the Pallet: Aqui Es Texcoco shows me how

This was a truly unique and fun experience as I have never been here before nor have I eaten many of the items I sampled here. Normally I go to places I have been once or twice before doing a blog review on them. Paco Perez the owner and head chef convinced me (after I met him at the Chilatruck review with his business partner Brad Henderson) to come in and try him out if it was unique foods I truly sought out for blogging. He said he had that in spades.....and ho how right he was!

Aqui Es Texcoco, Friday, May 12, Chula Vista, CA.

Tortilla Soup
*Lamb Barbacoa Plate (mixed meats from lamb, cheek, head, tripe, flank)
Street tacos: lamb brain*, blood sausage*, cricket*, zucchini flour, huitlachoca*
Quail* and fire roasted salsa
Chicken Mixiote
Pulque (beverage)*
*Denotes first time trying this item...ever!

Fully cooked lamb head with skull. Can order as is for $20 if requested. 

  • Been in business for 10 years now at this location, 30 for TJ and 3 for LA
  • The venue has been featured on 5 different TV food shows and awarded "best of" 11x by local and even national food publications//reviews/authors.
  • All items sourced from the same vendor for all 3 stores to keep consistency.
  • Paco is an industrial engineer by training and education.
  • As a child through his adult life, Paco helped his mother in the first TJ store with all cooking.
  • They do full-scale caterings package for all kinds of events as well.
  • Sunday's are the busiest days for the Chula Vista store.
  • Prior to his LA store opening, they routinely had 100's of customers drive from LA on weekends and be at the door at 7am to pick up lamb barbacoa meat by the pound to take home for the week. Now thats demand!


Paco and I getting a shot in front of the celebrity photo wall.

What is it about your menu that makes it so Good? What's the key or secret to making these items so much different than anywhere else?
Love! My mother made sure that the METHODS we used were always consistent and kept 100% traditional. Her care and love for making real Mexico City themed food was unmatched. That rubbed off on me. Not only is what we offer unique and carefully sourced for all 3 stores but the way we do it is central to keeping with tradition, origins and sustaining strong consistency. You can come to any store today, next week or next year and get the same exact amazing experience of authenticity. Our customers have seen this and that'ss what keeps them coming back and spreading the word.