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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lobster and Luxury from CML Food Truck!

Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck, La Jolla Open Air Market, Sunday, April 30th,


Ceviche Tostada ($2 of each sale goes to One More Wave 501(c)(3) for wounded warriors*

Lobster Tots with Maine Lobster, cilantro lime sauce, pico de gallo

Shrimp Tacos, with North Atlantic shrimp, cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro lime sauce and corn tortillas
Maine Lobster Roll (my very first ever!) served chilled with mayo and New England style roll


  • Nearly 1lb worth of raw/gross weight Lobster is used in EACH lobster roll 
  • meat from the knuckle, claw and tail in every roll order
  • the get their Lobster from the BEST possible sources directly from the coast of Maine. 
  • All seafood product is obtained through fully sustainable means and entities
  • They now have 26 trucks in operation over 14 US markets
  • They have 1 restaurant location in LA
  • Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank is the investor who got these guys rocking it big back in 2012 after she tried one of their rolls from their first truck.
  • They use only one particular style bread roll from Maine "New England style" to assure the right crunch and softness to match the Lobster meat.
  • The food truck business is still and always will be family run and managed to assure the principles and quality outcomes remain the same from day one on.
  • Aaron Lomac (left) owns & operates the SD based truck, Sabin (right) is an original founder (with Cousin Jim) *Alex (mid) a local US Navy SEAL is the partner for the non-profit founder of One More Wave that helps put wounded warriors back on adapted surfboards, wetsuits and gives lessons.

THE OWNERS INSIGHTS: Sabin (sporting his 1 more wave t-shirt and hat)

What is it about your food that makes it so good? What's the key or secret to making these items so much different than anywhere else?

Paraphrased: "What we provide is an affordable luxury for anyone who wants to experience top notch fine dining quality lobster without the price tag (or dress code) of those such of places. We provide a one of a kind culinary nostalgia for all those transplants and tourist from New England who have had authentic lobster rolls. Nothing can compare to what we offer here. Nothing magic, no secrets, we simply get the best product anywhere and let the quality and consistency do the rest for us. We will NEVER cut corners for any reason if it reduces the quality of our product. Quality is everything for each and every CML truck."