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Monday, May 15, 2017

Midwest Homestyle Comfort Food Found at Pop Pie Co.

Pop Pie Co. 4404 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA, 92116

THE BETTER BITES SAMPLED: (click for full album)

  • Chicken Pop Pie
  • Steak and Ale Pop Pie
  • Rhubarb Strawberry Pie
  • Coconut Cream Pop Pie
  • Mashed red taters and gravy (cauliflower blend and chicken gravy)
  • Cream cheese corn (cream cheese reduction, salt, pepper)

  • Been in business for since Oct 2016
  • They offer 6, 5" savory pies and 8, 3" sweet pies as well as 2, 5" breakfast pop pies.
  • They have several amazing sides, great local coffee and crazy good matcha lemonade and matchata tea
  • All pies are baked on a tight daily schedule to assure freshness of every pie put out.
  • Prior to this debut visit I had not had a homemade pop pie in ~5 years since getting my mom's homemade pies I was raised on as a child through early college years. This was much overdue!
  • Every savory pie has 9oz of filling chalk full of delicious tender meats and fillings!
  • Chicken pop pie is the best selling savory pie while the sweet pie favorite ranges pending the day......their all so good a true #1 has not yet been determined I guess!
  • They sell nearly 200 total pies on weekdays and almost twice that on weekends. 


What is it about your menu that makes it so Good? What's the key or secret to making these items so much different than anywhere else?
"The crust! Our crust is what makes these so good. Its perfectly made with just the right amount of butter, flour and other ingredients to make for the unique flavor profile it has. The flakey light texture comes from the specific methods we use to bake the pies. Crust texture and flavor is the real key. We also use only the best local ingredients, nothing is ever frozen or processed."