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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tasty Tuesday II- The Pancake Encore

Hello blog fans and followers! I write this blog post from Madison, WI vice the room of my home in San Diego, CA. I am home on leave during my own 32nd birthday and my younger brothers upcoming wedding day Sept 10th! Lots going on but none the less.....I come to you with a blog post update and this time you get some live video action to go with it!

As of last week I started featuring a Tasty Tuesday feature to my vlog on YouTube which basically is me filming a summary video of my weekly re-feed/carb-up day which I now employ as part of my final 9 weeks of contest prep for my Nov 5th fitness performance. Every 6 days I include a large carb-up or "re-feed" day/meal into my dietary program. Last week was pancakes and this week was.......yes, more pancakes! As a true pancake-aholic of the most sincere kind I can never get enough of them but sadly because of my wheat (not gluten) sensitivity I rarely get to indulge with them unless I make my own from scratch at home (which I do very often!).

However when its carb-up day I flex the rules a bit and since its done later in the day as my last meal post training, the aftermath of getting super sleepy is a moot point as I can crash and sleep like a baby all night without issue. The video below will explain this more so listen carefully to see how this works exactly.

In this video I compare a short stack (3) from 4 of the largest chains in the USA.

Dennys, IHOP, OPH, and Perkins. All classic buttermilk variety so that direct comparisons could be made.

Forgive me for labeling the Denny's and OPH containers backwards in the video. It dawned on me shortly after I had done so but to give proper respects and credit where it is due, I want to point this out now and in the VIDEO as well.

I will kickstart you appetite with some pictures but the video is where the action is so please go take a look at that then make your choice as to where you plan to find your next "Better Bite" in the kingdom of the most popular pancake chain restaurants wherever you may live.