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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Donut Daze

 A recent work event/meeting had me sent off to the corner of 30th St and Monroe St in North Park to grab what was easily a majority vote for some donuts to bring back for the group. Leave it to the dieting fitness guy to be the one who has to go pick up donuts right? However that may be the safest route in hind site as the likelihood of a few donuts going missing or the "oh they must have shorted me a couple" excuse is almost non existent.

I swung by NOMAD Donuts about 915am on a Tuesday morning and was told to pick up a wide range of all types of donuts they have. 2 dozen to be exact. With full range of what to get I did just that and after scouring the very unique and unorthodox menu listed for the day (it changes daily) I went with all 10 specialty donuts, all 10 traditional donuts and 4 good ol' donuts. The only one I was not able to grab was the vanilla bean good ol' donut as they were already out for the day. I thus doubled up on the maple donuts to round out the order.

Nomad Donuts will have been in business at this location for 2 years this November with no sign of slowing down as I was told they are expanding soon to a 2nd location which tells me San Diego folks know where to find a good donut and if supply-demand holds true.....demand is certainly high!

Brad pictured below (right) and Kristiana (left) are the two wonders behind Nomad Donuts. Brad the owner and Kristiana the head chef are responsible for their one of kind daily variable menu listings, all natural, fresh baked, in-house vegan and traditional donuts. Even their base recipe for their donut batter base is propriety I am told. Meaning you cannot find another donut like theirs anywhere else. All their donut toppings/icings come from real fruit, vegetable extracts and spices to give that true flavoring vice chemical additive which I can appreciate myself.

The most kick ass part of the whole deal......when I decided to make this trip a blog post review..... I told Brad this just to be transparent with him and to let him know it was my debut visit as well. He gave me the "ra-ra" discount which means HALF OFF! I was thrilled! 24 amazing donuts at half price.....score!

Now to answer the burning question.......I do a review on donuts for a blog post without trying any due to my current diet?! Yes and no is my answer. Being this was on a Tuesday re-feed day I was lucky enough to have the dietary allowance to have a much higher carb intake then any other day of the week. I thus made room to account for a "sample" of each donut pictured below. I literately cut out a bite size piece of each donut before my comrades could engulf them, saved it for after my training session later on and savored the crap out of every single bite! Those were the best 24 bites of "carbohydrate nirvana" I have had in my 10 weeks of dieting! I could have easily pounded half the donuts myself had I wanted to and those of you who know me.....know full well I could do it to!

Safe to say that after this review I had most definitely found A Better Bite.....24 of them to be exact! Now you can too!

Kristiana left and Brad Right, head chef and owner respectively. Two people making magic in the donut world!

Tuesday 8/23/16 menu selections. Check out them radical flavors!

I'd give points for color/visual appeal alone! Ube Taro back left corner two (vegan and traditional) only two I found just OK vice outstanding. Taro of course being a acquired taste for most non native Hawaiian folks like me.

Fresh, made daily, in-house, all natural no preservative vegan donuts baby!

One full box of goodness for the group!

My personal favorite of them all. Blueberry Lemon Meringue! OMG heavenly!