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Friday, August 5, 2016

San Diego is on a ROLL......of the sushi burrito kind!

Products from 4 of the leading sushi burrito joints in San Diego according to Yelp.

Sushi Freak's The Gunshow ($12)
Kudos goes and thanks goes to Jennifer and Tito!

Poke Chop's Lucky Charm ($11)
Kudos and thanks goes to Albert!

Pokirrito's The Pokirrito Classic ($12.50)

Rolled Up's Little Crunchy Guy ($10)
Kudos and thanks goes to James!

I thought for sure this new craze for a Japanese+Mexican fusion of classics, the burrito and the sushi long roll was a for certainly short lived fad soon to fizzle out among the tried and true traditionalist of both Mexican burrito lovers and Japanese sushi aficionados of which San Diego has many in both respects. After months of existence and actually noticing growth in the trend, my eyebrows were raised. I should have known better then to think San Diego would not be open minded (and mouths open) to this fusion of the cuisines. I mean any city that takes bacon and doctors it up in the endless ways that this city does should already set expectations higher then normal right?

The sushi-burrito is no different. With 4 major players in the city, some with multiple locations already and others although new are the hot-spots to be found at tells me pretty clearly that the people found something the love and they want more of it!

I had heard and seen enough and finally gave in and said that's it! I need to see what this is all about. It was not a far reach as I am already a true sushi nut whom readily goes out for rainbow rolls and hand rolls once a week almost every week of the year. What did I have to lose right?

On a Wednesday right after work about 4pm I made my rounds to each of the 4 establishments above and picked up that venues best selling sushi burrito and ordered it exactly as it comes on the menu with no alterations. I watched each item crafted in an almost assembly line fixed pattern of perfection and detail by chefs that have clearly honed their skills. Every venue had a particular way of blending, layering, combining and construction these massive sushi burrito rolls that fit their name to a T!

I got my goods, scooted on home and broke out the spread for pictures and samples. Being in contest prep diet mode yet, it did prevent me from being able to dive in and devour every roll start to end (and I would have!) but for me it was a disciplined but generous bite or two of each roll to get a good idea of the flavor, texture, unique combination of sauces, sushi, veggies, rice and all the goodness.

I cant compare any 1 roll to another since each roll was vastly different then all other others. That said I cant rank them best to worst. In fact not one was bad at all. I would hands down order each roll again no question.

With many more rolls to try on each venues menu from build it yourself to other classic designed rolls I see many trips back into each place for my sushi burrito fix when it hits me. Having now seen what the hype is all about, I guess I can say I see "how this city rolls" with the trending changes of the San Diego culinary landscape.

I hope this post has shown you yet one more way to find yourself "A Better Bite."