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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I Scream for (Healthy) Ice Cream!

In the past month I have been on a kick for ice cream as my post exercise carb source of choice. Being hotter then blazes out lately nothing seems to fit the bill better then an icy cold almond milk blended protein shake and some ice cream. During this time I have been checking out some brands of ice cream marketed as being healthier versions of the real thing. This is not the same thing as frozen yogurt types which are by their nature healthier than ice cream. Nor is this the same as half the fat, "lite" or "no sugar added" types of ice cream. This is a review ONLY about products that are intended to be ice cream alternatives for the health conscious folks like me who still want to get my fix without the guilt of cheating on my diet. 

So in the past 4 weeks these are the 3 brands I have been sampling. I have tried about 4-5 flavors from each brand and found which one from each I liked best. This is not a what is best kind of review simply because you cannot compare different flavors head to head. Its like red apples to green apples to golden apples.....all similar yes but not the same thing. I post the facts from the websites for each of my brand favorites. Take a look and then go try them yourself and you be your own judge for what you like best. I really don't think you will find yourself disappointed with any of the 3 options below. Enjoy this cool treat during these blazing days of San Diego summer and relish in the calories your saving without even knowing it. And just found a way to have "A Better Bite."


Special findings: 
Lowest protein content
Low calories
Longest list of ingredients
Super deep and rich brownie flavor
Melts very quickly
Chunks of tasty brownie like bits packed inside


Special findings: 
Highest protein content
skim milk/milk as main ingredient
5g a fiber per serving
very good combo of sweet caramel salt
does not melt too fast
most expensive


Special findings: 
High protein content
Lowest in calories
Shortest list of ingredients
Creamiest in texture
Very authentic strawberry flavor