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Sunday, July 3, 2016

YouTube Vlog Now Live!

Please sit back and listen in to this first of many weekly video blogs (Vlogs) for my Youtube Channel where I will discuss things I like:

  • things I am doing
  • places I am going
  • fitness, gear, gadgets and tech I am using and why i like or dislike it
  • sports supplements I use and or like
  • nutritional/diet program I like and dislike and why
  • fitness resources, deals, books, websites, podcasts i like
  • fitness competitions and training groups
  • food and recipes I like
  • brands and products I like or dislike
  • my love affair with sushi, coffee and acai bowels

Each weeks show will be 30 minutes long. This one a bit more so due to the intro section.

I will note that if your YouTube/video savy I am looking for a specialist who can take my raw data and upload it to YouTube with some better flare, character and professional appeal. If that's you let me know now and we will talk!