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Monday, July 18, 2016

Acai Bowls Have my Attention!

Ever since I was in Hawaii via Pearl Harbor/Waikiki for a few days stay during my two stints in port visits during the summer of 2014 and again in Dec 2015 with my commands for work I have found myself in a love affair with the well known staple of Hawaiian cuisine. That being the famous Acai bowl.

$9 for the full size at Swami's Cafe

I have several of these items during the port visits mentioned above and vowed to find something like it back here in San Diego. I have come close on several occasions after going to places like SOL CAL Cafe in downtown San Diego with their Epic Acai Bowl, Jamba Juice locations all over San Diego and their Acai Primo Bowl. But none had the impact and wow factor like those of HI. That is until recently......

I came across the recently opened Swami's Cafe in Point Loma that just opened its doors a few months ago. I had never even heard of Swami's until this one opened up. I learned that they were well known all over SoCal and cater to the natural, fresh, healthy, organic crowed. Music to my ears! The do some amazing breakfast items, killer lunch specials and well reviewed dinner entrees as well. The place has a vibe designed for CA based on its menu alone from what I can tell.

When a look at showed me some outstanding pictures of these massive "bowls" I had to know more. The reviews were many and positive. The picture were drool worthy and the $9 price for these moster portions seemed like a win on all fronts. I had to go and see for myself......and so I did....twice!

Last week  Monday I stopped in around 730pm (and again Thursday about the same time) and got the basic acai bowl to go after a killer gym session. I needed a good deal of healthy carbs and fruit to go with my protein shake and this fit the bill. Being I am on my contest prep diet it's nice to find places like this that are very much adaptable to my diet and enjoyable at the same time! As the picture shows its a FULL take out box full of low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh berries, sliced banana, low fat granola, grape nuts, shredded coconut and a hearty dose of chilled acai fruit. This thing was awesome! Tasted as good as it looks and then some. And for the price you cant go wrong! The largest portion I have gotten of all the places I have ordered an acai bowl so far.

Having now seen these and raised my standard for a good acai bowl in SD, I now look to try a couple other spots I am demanded to try from peers and foodie friends of mine. Those two I plan to try very soon are Juice Crafters in Coronado and Northside Shack in Point Loma. I hear very good things about both of these venues but I can say now, they got their work cut out for them knowing what I will be referencing them to!

However when it comes to an acai bowl, no matter where you get it in SD, the nature of the item its good all round, super nutritious, delicious and perfect for hot summer days. Its the perfect way to find yourself "A Better Bite" this summer.