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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back to the root of it!

Finally I am putting up a blog post that gets us back to the root of the blog in the first place! Food! San Diego Food! And what better place does this city to food best? Festivals of course!

This time my uber foodie companion Magie Brennan and I took on The Great American Foodie Festival at Qualcomm Stadium. Our first time attending this event.

This was actually a 3 day event and for $10 a day you got in to sample from what we counted to be about 35 food trucks in one place! You do pay for each food truck you sample from but most were $12 or less for good portions. We did a roundabout tour to see what we had to pick from first then we made the hard choices of what we would actually sample out. This was not easy!

Again, being I am in full force contest prep mode I had to be a bit more picky. My choice ended up being a pretty healthy and delicious pick from Flavors of East Africa where I got a combo meal of Curry Chicken, African Sweet Jerk Chicken, Wali (yellow rice mixed with African spices and vegetables) Sukuma wiki (collard greens and cabbage sauteed in mild spices and garlic) as my side selection.

Both of us sampled this plate out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great use of spices, seasonings and very tender meats, both well marinated in the unique ethnic spices.

I would have tried SOOOO many other vendors as well but I actually had a training group to lead and partake in myself soon after our visit so I had to be on best behavior and not over indulge.......

How I felt passing by the "naughty" food offerings.

So without getting to long with this blog post as I could easily do.....lets just let you "feast" you eyes on the many vendors present at this years Foodie Festival. One note.....about half or more of the food trucks present were from North County or further north still. Some we had never seen or heard of. More the better we came to this as its unlikely you would ever see many of these food trucks around town. Not that we have any shortage of them anyway!

Photo slideshow link

Last notes:......Vlog #2 is also live over on my YouTube channel so please take a sec and migrate over there to see what news I have for you this week!


Click above to download my recent obsession with this DIY oatmeal creation just about anyone will like and can make with 0 kitchen skills.

As always people......keep an eye out for all the awesome food finds in this great city of San Diego! Your surely never too far away from finding your next "Better Bite"