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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tasty Tuesday's Shift from vlog to blog!

Hello gang! News for you! Been almost 2 weeks since I posted and not because I have not been busy eating amazing foods, trying new recipes and finding ways to bring you A Better Bite but rather because my vlog series over on YouTube has been siphoning off some of the content I could be, should be and now, will be posting up and writing about right here for you all to see.

Every week starting next week Sept 20th, I will post up a "Tasty Tuesday's" feature that will show 2 of the best recipes I have found, made and enjoyed. Understand that I find 20+ recipes a week but only half are within my nutritional needs, taste preferences, time availability, and skill level etc.....and of course, I must enjoy the end product as well. If any recipe falls short of those 5 parts I will not feature it as it's not worth your time or effort to is not truly A Better Bite.

I will also put up pictures and summaries of my every 6th-day re-feeds as well. These are those days as I discussed before where I almost triple my normal daily carb intake over the other 5 days to keep progress rolling in my contest prep dieting for Nov 5th and Nov 19th contest coming up this fall. These are always fun and delicious days for me as I often allow myself flour and wheat based carbs into my diet which I normally omit 100% due to blood sugar issues I have with almost all such products. My top foods you can expect to see me do refeeds with are:

  • pancakes minus butter and syrup
  • french toast minus butter and syrup
  • waffles minus butter and syrup
  • kids cereal with almond milk
  • bagels minus cream cheese
  • classic sushi rolls
  • yams with honey
  • oatmeal with fruit

Note once again that a refeed day is NOT a cheat day or a cheat meal. I dumped those out after 11 weeks into prep. This is why I still have limits to how much carb I have on refeed days, what kind, how much fat I consume on these days and how much protein I consume on the days. It's not a free for all just to be clear. I give a pretty good review summary of how a refeed day benefits me physically in my vlog series Tasty Tuesday Episode II so check that out for full insights.

So without going too much longer let's get to the food and show you what grubs I am putting down the hatch this past week!

Recipe 1 for the week I made on my own and really like is here:

Crustless Protein Pumpkin Pie

Recipe 2 for the week I found online, made it and really liked, is found here:

Brown-Sugar Butterscotch Cookie (made mine into 1 giant cookie and cut into 8 slices)

And of course....... the big kahuna! The refeed/carb up meal that took place Saturday evening.......

3lb turkey burger (2lb burger and 1lb fresh made in house wheat bun) and 1lb wedge cut fries!

 My 4th year in a row partaking in the annual national burger day event at Fudds! In it to win it!

Close up shot of the goodness before I went to town on it....that's deli mustard by the way......I love ALL mustard types!

Here we go!! Grub Gains time!

And here we have a 4-pete win at my best time yet without really trying to eat very quickly at all......26 minutes (34 minutes remained) to pound down the delicious burger that no else makes quite like Fuddruckers can.

I am told the key to their unique one of a kind turkey burgers is that they sear it for 4-5 mins a side then finish it in the oven for time to assure its cooked through and has a nice finished sear but does not dry out as most turkey burgers often do. And of course, I would argue that Fudds has the best burger buns anywhere all due to the fresh baked in house buns they whip up daily. How do you top that!?