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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bring the "better bite" to you with buff brownies!

This past weekend I got my trial order of Buff Brownies DIY mix packs in the mail from the awesome people working at the company  where they just recently started offering a shipped to you DIY version of what has been so far, a VERY successful local (Perry,OH) pick up services of their popular health and fitness  friendly flavored brownie loaves. They make 5 flavors of which I got to try 4 of this past Saturday as part of my 6-day high carb/refeed day I use within my contest prep strategy. Now 6 weeks out from my first show and 8 weeks from my 2nd show this fall, I am always looking for foods that taste good, fit my nutritional plan needs and are relatively easy to make. I saw a picture comment on Facebook linked to their page from a friend of mine. I checked over the Buff Brownies Facebook page  and in about 10 minutes of picture viewing, I was emailing Jeremy Goldizen, the owner and head chef behind these unique protein packed brownie loaves. 

They ship you the mini baking tins and the packets you need to make the brownies. All you need to do is add water and egg white, spray your tins, mix and bake! That's it! I baked all 4 of my mini loaves at once using the directions below and the picture shows you the outcomes.

Do note that the serving they suggest is half a loaf which matches the macros above. If you eat the WHOLE loaf, double the macro numbers and calories. For me, this worked great as I was able to have 1/2 of each loaf to sample all 4 flavors and hit the macros I needed by adding some fat-free Chobani vanilla greek yogurt over the top of each. Talk about a guilt-free meal that feels like cheating!

Top to bottom: 
-PB Cookie
-Cinnabon (best one of all)

As one who LOVES all things cinnamon it was not a shock this one stood out for me. True cinnamon flavor like a cinnamon roll in both smell and taste. Very impressed with this one. 

All 4 flavors were authentic and delicious. Strong aroma and flavors from each in their own right. Texture was moist, chewy and very....well, brownie-like!

I now plan to be using these almost daily on my lifting days when my carb intake is higher and fats are lower. I will certainly have several of these as part of my refeed days now that I know just good they are and how macro friendly they can be. I love that I can make 4-5 or more at one time and have them ready to go for on the go treats or mini meal snacks as well.

So although this post was not directly about a food find in San Diego, this may be even better, you can have these shipped right to you be it San Diego or any other city you may reside in. A Better Bite now finds you!