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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Short Term Shift Perhaps?

In the coming two weeks I will be taking slight twist in the blog posts I discuss here. Food however, either that of which I make on my own at home (majority for the next 7 weeks leading to my second of two fitness contests this fall) and those very few I do perhaps go out to and review for the first time. As of right now this is just two spots this month...... Seasons 52  for Brunch and The Commons Bar. I have Yelp Elite invite events to attend and my duty as a Yelp Elite status member is to uphold my promise to visit, review, experience and report back to the SD people just like you who read this, about such hotspots from a devout foodie insiders perspective.

Beyond those two formal dining out plans I have this month, I plan to highlight on a few new dietary supplements I am looking to sample out or have been sampling out and really finding some great utility with.

So far one such item is MitoXcell protein blend. I bake with, blend with it, freeze with it, mix with it and more. Its texture, taste, nutritional profile and versatility in the kitchen has made it a go to item for my protein powder based recipes I make almost weekly if not more.

This concoction below is a little sum-sum I call "protein muscle-mash"

  • 20g unsweet cocoa
  • 24g pbfit powdered peanut butter
  • 1 cup unsweet almond milk
  • 30g chia seeds

Mix well, let sit for 4+ hours in fridge for chia to soak and thicken with other ingredients. Stick in freezer for up to 1 hour before consuming this and enjoy!

I have also made peanut butter fudge protein oatmeal bars, and some amazing greens power smoothies using this product with tremendous outcome each time. The whey/casein blend really makes for a unique and useful consistency in the above items I find.

Full Disclosure Statement: I do not receive any kind of compensation/kickback or benefit for the promotion or endorsement of this brand or its product line. I have obtained small batch samples to review for my own use as well as educational workshops only.

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, I did say I would be changing the theme a bit only for the next couple weeks. The topic will shift to cover my review of two different supplement brands/products. These are are the first supplements not from my normal past selections nor my current sponsor (ProLab) that I have even bothered to try in months if not longer.

The brands are:

Which items I will be reviewing over the next 2 weeks from each brand will be kept a secret until the time comes to post my final thoughts, insights, outcomes and perspectives.

Stay tuned for these and find out where your next "Better Bite" in the nutritional supplement realm may come from and if its worth buying, using for your needs.

Until next well my fellow San Dieagans!