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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nothing Common about it!

So I finally have a local SD based venue to bring to your attention!!

With my eating/dining out norm having been on the down-low with the contest prep diet I am on I have very few meals out anymore at all being just 5 weeks out from the big day. Last night however, a Thursday from 6-8pm myself my fellow Yelper Elite status friends came into The Commons Bar on 4th and F St in downtown Gaslamp.

This event hosted here by our good man and local SD community organizer, Brad and the awesome people of Commons Bar. I had never been here until this event so this was a true debut experience full of novelty and first times. Not my last either let me say that now. 

Brad and I having a darn good old time at The Commons Bar

Take it from a San Diego Yelp Elite like me to tell you where to find "A Better Bite!"

The venue itself is smaller but does the job just fine. With outside, 4th ave patio seating, general floor level bar seating and a smaller row of upstairs seating it works out well I found. Plenty of TV's all over the place for watching the big game or sports event as well, always a plus. Its a bit loud but what sports bar-ish type place is not right? We had live music on this evening as well so that added to the acoustic vibe as well (and he was good too!) 

From the food side of things I got to see (sadly not sample) their cheeseburger sliders, house wings, pretzel bites and pita/veggie/hummus plate. All of them looked like true winners in my book. Items I will order in the future for sure. My dining companions tore through the samples being brought out during our stay so I think they liked it all, safe to say!

Not one to ever really drink much at all other then red wine, I cannot speak on the booze side of things. The darn diet does not have room for any booze sadly, for now anyway (I know, how could I!?) But these bad boys seemed to be real hits among my comrades all night.

Tipsy Palmer 

Service was great, very kind gals working the bar and the floor, quick to keep drinks full and food trays stocked during our 2 hour group event. 

This is a great place to watch a game, hang out, grab drinks or take in a downtown weeknight happy hour with friends and co-workers. Once this contest is done and my diet ends, give me a shout and let me know when your coming in......lets make this place a truly Common Bar to hang out at hey?

Yelper Elites enjoying and reviewing the not hotspot.

Live music! Yeah buddy!

Perfect spot for the game!