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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sicilian cuisine found in Little Italy's Barbusa!

This week Tuesday evening from 6-8pm I was privilaged enough to have been given an invite to my 4th Elite's only event. The lucky guy I was, I wanted to be sure I got all I could out of this experience for me of course.....and you the readers of this blog so read on and feast your eyes and then get your butt into Barbusa for A Better Bite pronto! 

As always is the case with these Yelp Elite events (agian my 4th), Brad or community manager, did a great job of organizing the whole event with the owners and Chef/kitchen staff and they wow'd us all with a 2 hour non-stop tour of Sicily (I was there in 2007 so I know) from the massive perfectly grilled yellowfin tuna entree (with a killer salsa verde and chimichurri sauce!) main dish to the vodka spiked mac n' cheese, the mushroom risotto, the creamy polenta board, 2 types of amazing bruschetta (eggplant and mushroom), the cannoli chips....yes chips! And of course some amazing sips from the bar (outside red wine I am not a drinker so cant comment much).

We all got to take home samples of homemade pasta made in house as well so how cool is that!? Chef Ninno was amazing and it was clear he loves his job and prides his teams ability to put out the best Sicilian food in town. PJ heads the ship at Barbusa and was sure to talk with anyone willing to speak with him all night long.....a great guy indeed!

The Elite members in attendance both vets and noobs alike are always a class act clan. I love my fellow YE's and meet new faces every time. Nothing like great food and great new venues with other people who give a serious damn about it!

Hope to see you all at future Elite events in this great city of San Diego!

Check out the storyline of photos here to see all fun, food and sips I got to be part of (and you can too!). Make sure you let Chef Ninno and PJ know that Josh the Food blog guy sent you in!

Picture storyline