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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Getting Freaky!

As most know by now I am one who looks far and near, high and low for the most unique, novel and new places to score A Better Bite around San Diego. When I get word of or see an item or place doing something pretty nifty it does not take much to pull me in the door. That is just the case for my visit to Facing East Noodle & Bar off Convoy St in Kearney Mesa. Just 4 days after catching glance of the "freak shake" concept they have on their menu (5 in all) I was sold that I MUST try this out! And so I did!

3pm on a Tuesday afternoon after a rock solid training session I made my way up to the store and popped into an empty restaurant, grabbed a seat and told them right off the bat.....I am here to try this awesome freak shake I have seen. Salted Caramel Pretzel please! Lisa Yu, one of the 3 store managers told me all about these creations which were inspired at their opening after a fellow manager saw one in NYC and not only loved it himself but saw the popularity they had there. Why would this not work in San Diego he figured? Well, he figured right because Facing East alone has 
over 1/3 of their 374 Yelp member picture posts featuring 1 of the 5 freak shake options on the menu.

Who would think a Taiwanese, Chinese, Asain Fusion joint like this would rock the house with a dessert item like this? It is truly freaky to think about!

It took about 10 minutes from order until the masterpiece hit my table and I was bug-eyed at the presentation all while trying to capture the perfect shot with my camera before it began to melt. The discipline I used to hold off and get the good $$ shots was not easy and I so wanted to dive right in! This thing has mini pretzels, KitKat bar, fudge, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, sprinkles and french vanilla ice cream with chunks of caramel cookie mixed in! The whole shabang indeed! And a perfect blend of flavor and texture at that! The perfect size dessert for the gastronomically gifted like me or to share on a date night indeed! At about $9-10 each they are easy on the wallet as well!

Heaven in a mason jar!

$$ shot after first bite!

Be sure to let Lisa know that Josh the food blogger sent you in and she will take great care of you and your tummy's sweet treat needs!