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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dessert on a new level

As a guy with a very low-key sweet-tooth I do not often find myself in deep craving for sweets as many often do (pancakes the big exception). I am more of a savory type who gets the fix for steak, burgers, burritos etc. There are times when through my screening of new places on, a picture or two or high star review of a local joint catches my eye and pulls me in. This was just the case for SD Boba Tea. After a few minutes of picture surfing their page on I was 100% sold I had to come in for my debut visit and try this dessert item that riddled half their customer submitted pictures....honey brick toast. You can fully build these perfectly solo (or shared if you're that nice) sized dessert plates with tons of toppings as their menu lists. I went basic and added graham cracker crumbs, strawberry/banana slices and whip topping........then I got all crazy with some of my own add-ons to make it macro friendly.....IIFYM put to practice all the way baby!

I added the following items to my already stellar dish of goodness....

Hormel real bacon bits
frozen blueberries
PB2 powdered peanut butter (made into a frosting)
MitoXcell superfood cocoa powder (made into a frosting)

As can be seen was every single bit as good or better then it looks to be! The honey brick toast is a soft but sweet light and fluffy "toast" crossed between pound cake flavor and yellow cake softness. The cake is cut crosswise into 6 cubes but not all the way through the bottom so it holds together well to support the mound of toppings. The top of the toast is drizzled with honey and it soaks into the bread so very well!

Such goodness at stake!

Close Up $$ shot!

I approve 100%

The owner I spoke to RJ, was way cool and came out to assure I had everything I needed and was enjoying my dish. I sure was! He explained its creation and their purpose with serving it "just as they would want it themselves" which was cool to hear. They offer military discounts as well so kudos to these guys for that! My plate was under $5! Where else ya find dessert like this for the value!?  Truly a place to find a deal along with "A Better Bite!"