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Monday, January 23, 2017

PB Sushi "Rolls" Out new AYCE sushi option!

Yes you read that right. The well known and ever popular PB Sushi joint on Garnet in Pacific Beach has just now begun offering an ACYE lunch for $20 (open-3pm) and dinner for $25 (3pm-close) which puts them in with only 3 other AYCE sushi places I know in town. Wasabi Sushi just down the road at the other end of Garnet has one, RB Sushi (both local stores) have one and RK Sushi on Washington in Hillcrets has one as well. I have had them all multiple times before and found them all well worth going. Prices vary a bit, days and times offered vary and pace of service varies just as much. This review will give some insights to why I think PB Sushi may be the new contender.

Besides price-point being one of the best deals compared to the others its also one of the largest menu's I have seen for what is included in the AYCE offer. Pretty much everything!

I being a traditionalist stray from the Americanized stuff and go basic. The pictures below show what I got on my debut visit.

4 hand basic rolls, baja veggie roll and double Miso soup...... winning!

Veggie Tempura roll was bomb! The yam inclusion is melt in your motuh good!

10 piece nigiri spread was fresh and delicious!

I was seated instantly right at the sushi bar, given a menu and explained how the whole deal works which like most others is pretty simple, 3 rounds to order up, 2 hour time limit, charged for anything you do not finish. The place was not too busy for a rainy, cold Sunday night about 7pm. Smaller inside than the other places I go to for ACYE sushi but that did not seem to take away from anything at all either.

I had great service, tentative wait staff and super quick sushi chefs behind the counter! The quickest I have had. Party because I was one of 2 people at the bar and I had 2 sushi chefs back their whipping up my order. I had all the food items ordered in front of me in 10 minutes! Many times you wait 20+ minutes between every order at other places. Now I know this depends on how busy the place is of course so I am curious to see how well these guys would do on a packed afternoon or evening with orders are flying in left and right. However on this visit, these guys were some of the fastest I have had. Very friendly and cool to talk to as well.

This offer just began like 2 weeks ago I am told so this is brand new for them. Even so they seem to have a good handle on what they are doing and how they do it. Being near one of my main gym locations down the street, just 4 miles from home and having this offer available at lunch and dinner 7 days a week could make this my new go-to spot for sushi period. With quality, price, value and speedy service like this....what is not to like?

So come "roll" into PB Sushi soon and find yourself with "A Better Bite" sushi style!