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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Humphrey's Debut

This post will take a small side tangent from the normal 5 way head to head taste off as many of you may have come to expect. No worries, there is one coming very soon! I had my folks in town all weekend from Wisconsin so I bypassed a formal BetterBite post last weekend.

What I do have to bring to you this week before the next BetterBite review comes around is my recent VIP winning for a place for myself and a guest to the Humphrey's all access pass to held Wednesday evening from 6-8pm for about 50 or so guest, 10 of which like me, won our VIPs via Facebook entry and by the luck of the foodie gods I was picked. That said a close friend a fellow food aficionado and I made our way in for our debut experience at Humphrey's for this unique and exclusive event to sample their new concert series food menu and meet the man behind the magic....Chef Nicolas Boar.

Pictures from the evenings events......drooling permitted

Striking a pose with the big man himself....Chef Nicolas Boar! 

I really must say so myself.....our ceviche was BOMB! 

I need to make note that not pictured here is what IMO was almost the best item of the night right behind the ceviche and the lamb.......all night long the waitstaff where coming around with sliver spoons with a bite sized piece of either crab cake or seared scallop and to date these were the BEST of both I have ever had and I have had 100's of scallops and crab cakes in my time. These set the bar for what I qualify as outstanding crab cake and seared scallop. I am pretty sure I had about 4-5 of each over the 2 hour evening and every one of them was melt in your mouth seafood awesomeness!

I got a quick second to speak with and thank Chef Nicolas and let me say that this guy knows his menu, knows his objective and loves what he does. That much is for certain. I also got to speak with Sergio, the restaurant GM and he too is a class act in his own right. His passion for the venue, the people it serves are apparent. The tag team dynamic between these two and the kitchen staff was a very unique and rare chance for both myself and all attendees to see the depth of a well run, high caliber restaurant. Not just the food plated in front of us but so much more. 

This experience is 100% going to have me back in again for a formal dinner and perhaps even a concert (or two) with one of the many top notch performers set to perform yet this season.  Their brunch has been tempting me since the day I first got word of it as the best in all SoCal. If this was any testament to their food quality then I have very little reason to doubt the hype.

How it took me 3 years of residence in San Diego to get over here and experience this I do not know. I do know I wont be going long without several return visits for top tier food, amazing marina views and live entertainment.