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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Change of Pace.....

OK fellow SD Foodies.......I am changing things up......its my blog and I can do that when and how I want to if I want to.

What I have found in the past 5 weeks of doing blog posts is that although fun, tasty and becomes a big chore to have to go to 3-5 different venues to pick up and purchase the items to bring home, sample and then review. Its like a half day plus evolution most times.

Sooooooo......from now on I will be doing 1 stop venue reviews at the many local restaurants I try out almost weekly be it take out, a quick breakfast stop, a casual lunch or dinner, or even fine dining. I feel that this will not only be easier for me, but also more practical for you readers who want the full review and insights to the venues I am going out to or sampling. Service, food quality, food uniqueness, venue decor and vibe, food authenticity and originality etc.....most of those things need be experienced on site from start to end. The take out-go home review thing only caught one small aspect of the food alone. Half the reason I eat out at the places I select in San Diego is for the novelty, unique food/cuisine aspects, experiences and the vibe. The other 50% is value and food taste/quality. That's just me however, everyone has their reasons and these are simply mine.

I also want to bring more of my personal lifestyle into the blog which is fitness, wellness and healthy living. I work as a fitness professional within the Navy, I have hobbies in athletics and also have leisure pursuits that fit within an active lifestyle. I hike often, I bike often, I train as a competitive powerlifter. I do mud runs, I do fitness photo shoots, and I love to cook, grill and bake healthy foods and recipes I collect, get from others or make from scratch on my own.

I often like to extend my lifestyle into my dining out experiences. This also shapes many of the venues I choose to eat at most the time. I want to show that even a fitness professional and athlete, one can be a true foodie and enjoy the awesome culinary goldmine that San Diego has become and continues to develop into. One not need become prisoner to a diet or food plan that omits all the fun and entertainment and pleasure of eating out a few times a week or even more.

So with this shift now explained and put out there......I ask that you hold on and stick with me as the content will continue to impress, inform and direct you to where you can find the "Better Bite" in the greatest city of San Diego, California!

Fitness Director for USS Essex, formerly USS Ronald Reagan

Fitness Photoshoot in Balboa Park

Love to bake healthy!

Fitness class group from USS Reagan

red wine and grilling out....a weekend favorite of mine!!

Lifting really heavy shit.....for fun....another favorite of mine!

Down and dirty with the mud runs baby! 

One of my favorite weekend hikes! Cowels Mountain!

OH! I have also done 20 formal food challenges within SD County. I won a $500 bet with 4 friends I could not do all 20 known challenges in 12 months. I did! This was my very first one back in April 2012.