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Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Better Bite SD goes back to its origins! 3 spot super-feature!

I am going to be taking a little return trip to the original concept of this blog which for the most part has actually been intact all along with now 84 blog posts in the 15-month existence of my blog.

The concept I had in mind is for "A better bite" to stand for "better for you" as well as what taste and looks good. The vast majority of the blog posts and featured venues I have done so far have been on par with this concept with the exception of two donut shops (Nomad & Marys Donuts) and a top 5 favorites list for San Diego carrot cake.

From this point on I will be looking to capture the full concept of "a better bite" in seeking out and sampling, reviewing, photographing and sharing the many new and unique places in and around San Diego that are of a more healthy, natural, wholesome, better for you theme.  In so doing I am also going to narrow down the coverage of which I take in and at one venue. My intent is to blog about the food first and foremost. So the pictures and reviews I do will be center around primarily just that. I'll still make comment to service, cost, value, unique features etc......but not as deeply as I have been doing lately. You're here to read and learn about unique San Diego food and food venues so thats what I''ll give you!

To kick off this "return to origins" concept, let's dive right into three recent places I dined in at. One for the first time and the other I have been to many times but never got around to blogging about it, till now that is. Here we go....

The Gourmet Bagger- Visited 4pm Monday June 3rd.
3357 Rosecrans St
In the Loma Square shops off Midway Dr.

I call myself "the sultan of sandwich" for a number of reasons but mainly because I am an expert of the club sandwich. It's (IMO) the best of the best when it comes to deli sandwiches. As Jason Statham would say...."cant beat a classic." Here we have 2 Killer Clubs. Whole grain wheat on the left for my dining partner and sourdough for me on the right. We both got mustard over mayo as well. Ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, and LTO round out this staple sando. Being just a miles walk from my front door in Point Loma, it's no wonder this place has a line inside from open to close weekdays. Tip for you; do as I do, call in your order ahead and just pick up and pay. By its nature a deli can be healthy and wholesome or down right sinfully "naught." shall we say. What you get and how you get it made makes all the difference as seen right here.

Elvas Bowls & Wraps-  Visited 7pm Friday June 7th.
5664 Mission Center Road #402 San Diego, CA 92108
Across from Hazard Center

Shown here is 2 large sized BYOB (build your own bowls) for $8 each. They offer 10% military discount as well so keep that in mind SD armed forces folks! Pick a protein, grain, vegetable, and sauce. Comes in small and large sizes. For the BIG appetite like me, I go with 2 large and love it! Simple, fresh, wholesome customizable food that's fast and affordable. I only wish I knew of this place sooner! I got the chicken, mixed veg, brown rice (right) and Jasmine rice (left) with ginger garlic sauce. Both very good and filling!

True Food Kitchen- Visited 7pm Saturday June 8th.
7007 Frias Rd Suite 394 San Diego, CA, 92108
In Fashion Valley Mall across from Cheesecake Factory

Shown here is the ancient grains bowl. $15 without protein added. I went with double chicken to hit my meal macro needs of protein so that tacked on $8. The kombucha (one of my favorite drinks lately) comes with the house pomegranate juice. ($7) and is a wise beverage choice to pair with any meal. This was my 5th or 6th visit in my nearly 5-year residency in SD. It would be far more often but with price tags at $30 for a drink and entree, it's a little steep in my opinion. Very much worth it as you get some of the best quality food you will ever find when dining out. Organic, natural, unprocessed, well prepared, scratch made meals that taste far better than "health food" ever should. I crave the meals I get here lets put it that way.

So there you have it. Summary of where I am going (back to) with th blog and a 2 for 1 edition of A Better Bite SD. Just in time for summer so you can find out where to eat out and eat well, stay fit and enjoy delicious meals all summer long in this great city of San Diego!

You stay healthy San Diego! Eat well, live well, be well!