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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wednesday's gone wild for the burger lover! Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers


Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers, 322 5th Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101
7pm, Wednesday June 28th and July 5th.


BYOB Deal for $13 unlimited toppings! How do you stack your burger?

Visit 1 creation of goodness + the best side item to any burger....sweet tater tots!
Grilled chicken, ham, bacon, avocado, LTO, pickle, and mustard on a white bread bun.

Visit 2 monstrosity + more sweet tater tots!
Double grilled chicken, ham, bacon, LTO, pickle, and hot sauce on a wheat bun.


View from outside bar seating down 5th.....
and a view up 5th ave....


  • Great daily happy hour drinks and food
  • Official burger challenge and wall of fame
  • 12 perimeter TV's and 10 bar TV's all 55" and in HD, never miss the game!
  • Great indoor and outdoor seating options
  • Daily specials such as the byob night and a build your own mac on Mondays!

If I ever come back to the big eating game this would be where I do so!


As for these 2 visits on back to back weeks, I can say for certain that on Wednesday's there is no other place I will be found for burgers let alone dinner, than right here at CB&CB. This coming from the guy who is a self-proclaimed burger JEDI! Anyone who follows this blog or who knows me at all is aware of my love affair with BYOB joints, most of all Slaters 50/50 in Liberty Station with my 45+ check-ins and counting. It helps I live 15 minutes walk from their place vice a drive downtown for CB&CB but its worth it as I can rock out a workout over on 4th and Horton Plaza 24 Hour Fitness and scoot on over for dinner right after to devour some burger greatness as shown above. I can't reflect on anything outside of this Wednesday BYOB special but as far as that goes, it may be the best burger deal in town for the quality, value, and consistency I have found so far. Service is fast, food is on point and the price is fantastic. Any other burger fans in San Diego want to make this a routine know right where to find me on Wednesdays! And maybe, just maybe, if you wager a bet, I might even take you on for the burger challenge they have! Takers.......??