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Sunday, March 19, 2017

H2O Sushi & Izakaya Debut

To my great surprise and something all of you need to take note of as well, more so for all you sushi lovers for sure! I just got word that H20 Sushi and Izakaya now offers their AYCE sushi all day, all week! Not just on weekends from open to 3pm anymore as I had last heard. This was music to my ears (and belly) when I called into to ask their hours. The price is just $25 for dinner and $20 for lunch. The menu you can pick from is HUGE! Hand rolls, long rolls, premium rolls, nigiri, small plates, salads and even sweet potato fries! Yes, sweet potato fries people! Do you know how awesome it is for me to find sweet fries (and really good ones) on a sushi menu!? 

This was my debut visit to this 5th ave Hillcrest hotspot which was ironic really in that just across the road (directly across) is RB Sushi, another top notch and long time favorite of mine for AYCE sushi outings after crushing solid lifting sessions at the adjacent 24 Hour Fitness. Since RB, only one other venue has impressed me and caught my attention with AYCE value, quality, and service, OB Sushi in well.....OB. 

But now I come strolling into see just what these guys have to offer compared to the already highly set bar I have for my sushi expectations given the two places mentioned above. 

5pm, Sunday evening, not terribly busy at all. No wait, grabbed a bar seat and ordered right up. 3 rounds to order as much as you want but you must finish it all in 2 hours or you get charged for leftovers. Standard rules for AYCE sushi as far as I know. Service was fast, chefs are awesome, friendly and know their craft. Server Hannah was rock solid awesome! Tentative and kind, knew the menu inside and out and made sure I was taken care of the whole visit. I spend almost an hour and a half getting my fill of some of the best sushi I have had in a long time! Nothing I had was just average or even OK. It was all outstanding! The sweet fries were even exactly as I like them to be. Thick, hot, crispy and finished with a dusting of sea salt and brown sugar. Kudos x10 just for those alone!

Take a look at the slide show of pictures of betterbites I found at H2O Sushi Izakaya

Now I have 3 rock solid places to pick from for AYCE sushi. All within 4 miles of my house, all next to a 24 Hour Fitness gym and all about the same price with the same availability for lunch or dinner 7 days a week! San Diego truly does spoil us sushi lovers it seems!