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Monday, March 13, 2017

Burger Challenge Debut Event!


I just recently got the privilege of being able to take my favorite dining venue for burgers in any city/state I have ever lived in my 32-year life span, and coordinate the first official burger challenge they have offered! Is this real? Could a midwest born & raised burger loving carnivore/foodie like me be so darn lucky? It turns out I am and dreams do come true (yes I dream about burgers).  

Just this Sunday, March 12th, I had previously setup a date with Jeff Hall, GM of Slaters 50/50 Liberty Station to work with me to design and structure an event I have sarcastically toyed with for almost my full 4-year residence in SD. It finally caught traction with Jeff and we made it happen at last! Best of all, I got to test drive this "sinister" plan of ours and now all of you can sit back and find out what it is, how it works and perhaps even hit the course yourself and give it a shot.

The Rules:

  • 36 minutes timed
  • 6x 1/4lb burgers (post-cooked!)
  • 1 must be the burger of the month (BOM)
  • 14 burgers to pick from
  • Cannot have any two burgers the same
  • No veggie burgers
  • No chicken burgers
  • No pork burgers
  • Burgers must come just as described on menu

For those brave/crazy/burger loving types like me.....if you do finish the 6 burgers in time, by yourself. Consider yourself (full) and a worthy victor for having Slain the Sinister 6 Slider Challenge!

As of this writing date, no official award/prize/wall of fame is set up. However, that is likely to change very soon now that its been proven that it can be done. And if that does not convince you......check out the photos below and that should be all the motivation (teasing) you need! 

Better yet, check out my youtube channel for the full video as it actually happened! Click here.

The slideshow of burger awesomeness awaits you! Click here!