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Friday, June 3, 2016

Two Local Favorites

Last week my younger brother Paul came into town for his debut visit to San Diego in which he spent 5 days in the greatest city although without much sunshine sadly, he was denied the full California experience with such limited solar love we come to know so well. Despite the May gray effect we had a blast and hit up beaches, trolley tours, museums, parks, restaurants and even nailed the gym together a few times which we both cant seem to get enough of.

During his stay we hit up two of my all time favorite San Diego restaurants that most should or at least will certainly know of after this blog post. Hash House A Go Go and Souplantation.

Based on my last look at I have 8 check ins for HH and 55 for Souplantation. Mind you I live a mile away from the Point Loma Souplantation store and even closer since I often go post training just 3 blocks from the Midway 24 Hour Fitness. Furthermore is the fact that for Club Veg members of Souplantation, you get a weekly email that gives you 4-6 coupons offering $9-10 lunch deals or $10-11 dinner deals pending beverage or no beverage. You cannot find a better deal in town for the all you can eat bread bar, salad bar, soup bar, pasta bar options! All made in house from scratch and its locally sourced organic produce at that! I literally stopped buying at least 3/4  of my produce at the store as I can get all of it prepared for me ready to go in any salad design I please right there on the corner of Point Loma Blvd. If you need proof to how good this looks and how much of a value/bargin this is with the Club Veg deal......please see below....

Yeah! No joke! All this for $9 at lunch with tax and only $11.11 at dinner with tax if you use the coupons they email you weekly. They also send a weekend Sunday brunch coupon on Friday's thats good for their OUTSTANDING brunch deal......$7 for all the normal offerings plus breakfast favorites made from scratch like Belgian waffles, homemade biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, french toast, scrambled eggs and lots more. Sadly being one who does not do the what/flour thing, I never get to indulge in those items often if at all.....but hey, leaves more for you right!?

I used to be a regular at the Mission Valley-Mission Gorge Rd. store before I moved to PL. That was the original and first Souplantation that ever opened mind you! I now have Dukedom status on Yelp with more check ins then anyone else in the area......lucky me! I say this now......if these guys ever need a Jarred like Subway had......I am there guy hands down!

Next up......Hash House! I would be at this place weekly if not more so if I lived closer and the lines were not so long on weekends, much more often! I have only done breakfast twice and that was take out, even so it was outstanding and impressive. Other visits usually bring me in on a week night or Sunday night for some massive portions of farm to table goodness. No lines, never super busy, same great menu. In my visits I have tried the pancakes, french toast (perhaps best in SD IMO), the famous bacon waffle tower, the chicken sausage skillet hash and thrice I have gotten the 22oz hand hammered breaded pork tenderloin entree which to this day puts me to work every time no matter what workout I did that day, or how hungry I was coming in.Its huge!.......need a it!

22oz crispy hand hammered breaded pork tenderloin dinner! meal fit for a king.......3 of them
Yes I did finish it all.....server has not seen 1 person do that before.....booya!

Tomato Salad

My favorite.....COBB salad.

So there you have it. A glimpse of 2 of my all time personal favorite San Diego locations to find a truly Better Bite in both value at Souplantation and their many SD locations. As well as portion of which I find unmatched by just about anyone else in town. Give them each a go and tell them Josh sent you!