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Monday, June 6, 2016

A Waffle done Protein Style!

A real quick post for all of you to take home and "chew on" and try out yourself.

You can search Instagram and Pinterest right now and find 100's and 100's of protein waffle pictures and recipes yes I know. I have looked myself. Many good, some amazing and some not so good as well. Despite all the options I have found that in my now 8 years of doing fitness at a competitive level alongside my profession and lifestyle is that 1 staple recipe of just 4 ingredients is all you need to make a basic protein waffle that can then be adjust and spruced up however your pallet and nutritional needs demand.

As pictured below these are your 4 staples. The Cellucor Whey is a brand I use most often for baking needs. It just works well, does not dry out the end product and retains all its flavor. I use other brands for other needs but for baking.....Cellucor is the right stuff IMO. (Whipped Vanilla used here).

The base recipe I make also calls for vanilla, butter and maple extract as well as a nice pinch of cinnamon and stevia. All you do as grind your oats in a food processor and mix all the dry items, then add your wet and mix well. Throw a cups worth of the mix in an electric waffle iron (cooks way faster) and let them go for about 2 minutes, 3 tops. I like mine crispy outside, fluffy inside so I push the 3 minute mark.

My recipe for my needs as a pre workout or post workout meal are as follows:

2 cups ground oats
1 cup unsweet vanilla almond milk
1 cup egg whites
1 scoop Cellucor whey
1 pack stevia
1 tsp cinnamon
2-3 drops each vanilla, maple, butter extracts
pinch of salt

This makes for 2 large and thick Belgian style waffles on a 10" diameter waffle iron. So what ya waiting for?! A Better Bite is waiting for you right now in your own home. Get busy and wolf down a healthy protein waffle! Thank me later!