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Monday, June 20, 2016

My San Diego County Fair Debut

I did it! I have now been to the SD County Fair! After over 3 years of being a resident of this great state and living here in San Diego I made it to the fair! Past 2 years I was out at sea for ship based deployment or training and missed the whole sha-bang sadly. Not this year!

As in my prior post this visit was to not only see the fair in the big picture of things but mainly to get some good shots for my blog and for you readers to see where the best bites at the fair are and what items new this year you cant miss out on!

I must say that after having lived in now my 4th state since 2010 when I left Wisconsin, I have been in MO, WA and now CA since. I have been to fairs multiple times in every state. They do an amazing job as well. But this one here in SD is massive! Its huge! The landmass this thing takes up is impressive to say the least! I can see why this thing goes a full month in length now! Just to much to do and see in 1 or even 2 trips even if you spent all day there.

Now I cant make any personal recommendations of the foods pictured below in the slideshow link as I did not actually try any of the foods shown. Downside to being in contest dieting mode but worth it 10x over in the end. You look the shots over and you decide (its not too hard) what looks good, great or to die for. I only wish the smells could be available to you readers as well because that alone was enough to make me feel like I gained 10lbs of amazing food alone!

Slide Show

This fair is the 6th largest in North America and has over 100 food vendors within it. Safe to say you will likely get your fill(and then some) here. Just leave time between your rides and your food please! Trust me!

Something about summer time, hot sunny days, fair foods, families, rides, food staples of cotton candy, corn dogs, ice cream sundaes just feels like pure American tradition. The sights, smells, energy, laughing etc....the joy of doing something you as a child did yourself and loved to do every year. Then as an adult with your own kids you get to go do the same thing with your kids just the same and share the experience, pass it on, expose them to what makes summers in America in every state so damn awesome and fun to be part of! Maybe having missed this for 2 years straight has me all sentimental now......but boy am I glad I came out and say this one. I hope you to can have the same experience and in the process......find yourself a better bite!