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Monday, February 27, 2017

Unique Eats: Sunday-Funday Episode II

The beauty of doing some "cross pollination" between my blog here and my youtube channel (below) is that I can get away with driving you readers to my channel and then hopefully my channel viewers to my blog. All with the same exact content but in a different format. I can give you readers a teaser as I will here and then direct you to the "meat and potatoes" video segment over on the full video. Those folks who want just a quick insight, a few pictures, a basic review, and be done with it, this post is for you! Its a win-win for ya'll really. And for me, I can introduce you to the post, post some $$ shots and leave some links to the venues, drop a few honest comments, and be done with the post! That's a wrap! Now take a look, check out these venues, watch the video and go get yourself "A Better Bite" right now!

Pizza Nova Famous BBQ Chicken 10" pie ($13 with tax post 20% military discount)

The ever famous Tiramisu Pancake full stack from Cafe 21 Gaslamp ($14 with tax)

Guahan Grill Point Loma 6lb Chicken Fried Rice Challenge Plate. $25 if not finished in an hour. Free and you win $25 plus a t-shirt if you do! As of now, only 3 people have done it ever!

The pictures do some justice, yes, but the full video feature is where its all at peoples! Take a look, hit the like button and come back for more next week!