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Monday, February 20, 2017

The series has begun! Unique Eats is born!

Something I have wanted to do for a LONG time now has finally went from concept stage (where it was for at least a year now) to the action stage of being a reality. I am happy to announce I have finished and posted the first weekly episode of this little project and passion of mine and its a goody! The series is going to be on my YouTube channel which as mentioned before is now repurposed in the direction of local San Diego food features, find, good eats, better bites, unique and novel food hot spots. At times I will even throw in a bit of my own DIY creations as well or good measure and balance but for the vast majority, your going to get a front row seat to some of my favorite places new and old alike all around this great culinary mecca city!

As I have posted elsewhere I do have some rules to this Sinful Sunday series. Structure is what I live by in all other domains of my life so this is no different. It keeps the goal the goal and the outcomes clear. So here you have them. Simple but clear guidelines I will be using throughout the duration of this new series.

  • For each location selected, I must feature a new entree each time, no repeats. 
  • I can dine at the same places but not on back to back Sunday's. 
  • I must pick a combo of sweet and savory dishes within the 3 meals I pick for that Sunday.
  • I can order anything I want be it junk or wholesome and healthy. Just can't eat so much of I am too stuffed to eat the later meals of course! 
  • I need to get a close up $$ shot of each dish and a shot of myself with the dish I get at each venue. 
  • Sticking to a Pancake/waffle/french toast entree for breakfast, ice cream/dessert based places for lunch and then pizza/pasta places for dinner.

I invite all of you readers here to take a look at my YouTube channel and watch these sure to be appealing, insightful, funny and entertaining videos (all under 30 minutes) to show you where my travels and my stomach take me each weekend. 

Who knows....maybe you and I will be sharing A Better Bite together at one of these places very soon!