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Monday, April 18, 2016

Donuts Do Battle for a BetterBite!

OK folks! We are back for another insight to where the better bite in SD can be found! This week the item up on the hot plate is.............donuts!!!! Not just any old donut personal all time favorite, my measure of all donuts, my barometer for any venue worth its weight in dough and sugar and icing.....the APPLE FRITTER!

So lets jump right into things here.

I was only able to review 4 venues per my rules and guidelines of how I select the venues I choose each week. I could not find a 5th venue that had 100+ reviews and 4/5 stars within 15 miles of Point Loma that had a formal apple fritter for sale. I will note sadly that as bad as I wanted to desperately try out Nomad Donuts I passed as they did not offer a formal apple fritter to go head to head with the other 4. They did have and do offer a "fritter du jour" which is more of a savory/sweet combo style fritter then what I needed for my review taste off. I summoned my strongest willpower to pass as I have heard raves about their donuts!

The 4 venues I present to you are:

Donut Bar, Downtown SD ("brad fritter")
Taste- 5
Texture- 5
Apple Index- 5

 Rose Donuts, Linda, Vista
Apple Index-4

 Golden Donut, North Park

Apple Index-4

 Donut Star, Mission Hills
Texture-2 (last one they had, may have been sitting too long, bit dry inside)
Apple Index-4

Price wise all of the venues were between $3-4 so I did not score them on price as I do not see $1 difference as being variable enough to change my stance on a fritter that is at least worth buying again. I was able to get to all of these within about 60 minutes of drive time, get home, plop them on the counter and start the sample process right away before they got too cool and stale. I snapped the pictures of each fritter on site at the venue when they were pretty well fresh and not yet banged up from the drive home.

In the end every fritter I had I would undoubtedly order again! They were all outstanding in every aspect. The hardest part was not devouring the whole donut from each venue before going to the next one! Had I done so I am pretty sure by 2 of them down, I'd have hit sugar shock and wanted nothing more to do with any fritters period. They were all huge by the way!

You could argue that Donut Bar had an unfair advantage with the "brad fritter and its unique bacon and maple glaze. Well that's just how they do their fritter, no one is stopping the others from doing the same or more, that's what I say to that.

So the next time you have a donut fix, consider going with the all-mighty apple fritter from these 4 donut experts in SD to satisfy your sweet tooth and land "A Better Bite."