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Friday, September 23, 2016

New sushi spot "rolls" into Point Loma

Just this past Friday night about 8pm I came on into the new, just opened (like 2 weeks ago new) Sushi Lounge on the west end of Rosecrans Blvd at the corner of Dickens St. I had seen all the hype on social media about its opening, the pictures, the strong, positive reviews and the fact it was just a mile from where I live pretty well sealed the deal for me......I was going and soon! 

Being I am 14 weeks into my contest diet with 6 weeks to go yet it is soooo nice to have a cravable food like sushi that's all rice carbs and lean sashimi grade fish protein I can use on my higher carb intake days and really indulge both my palate and my nutritional needs/limits. That being said this was a real treat as I had not had sushi of any kind for a month....far too long to go in this town. 

Read and on peruse the pictures below to see how this debut visit went for me on this hopping busy Friday evening......

My first bite of sushi in over a month......that's unheard of!!

(Photos shot with Cannon PowerShot G7X)

Classic Miso!

Garlic edamame with an amazing cinnamon glaze!! Must try item!

My go-to roll to test new spots true quality.....rainbow roll! Spot on the $$ here!

Vegetarians will go nuts for this.....Green Monster roll

Speciality roll, Hawaii-5-O Roll, winner in my book! Even more so while dieting!

My grand finale selection.....The Tsunami Roll......has a kick and I like it!!

Katie and Frank, Co-Owners of the new Point Loma Sushi Lounge location . Both are amazing people, doing sushi the right way, traditional, quality assured, flavorful and fresh. The customer service I got from my waitress Katelyn was outstanding, super friendly, informative to the menu and on point all night during my visit. Alison the GM was there to greet me right at the door and assure I was welcome to the new location and explained the full menu and drink specials to me.

Knowing they have half price Monday's on select rolls and apps as well as half off sake' Tuesday AND a daily Happy Hour gives anyone reason to make this regular spot any day of the week as I see it.

Being they are a mile down the road from where I live......there is a very good chance your going to see me "rolling" on into this place to find "A Better Bite" near home! And so should you!